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Rhinoplasty: More than a Nose Job

Plastic surgery has gotten a bit of a bad reputation in recent years.  This is no truer than when it comes to rhinoplasty.  Many celebrities and other wealthy people are known for getting what is often called a “nose job”.  What much of the public doesn’t realize, however, is that plastic surgeons actually serve a vital function.  While some will focus only on elective cosmetic procedures, many plastic surgeons are an important part of helping a patient improve their life.

Elective vs. Necessary

One distinction which many people fail to make is the difference between elective procedures and those that are necessary to a person’s life.  An elective procedure is one which is not medically necessary in any real way.  Cosmetic surgery will generally fall under this elective category because the patient can continue to live a full and complete life without ever having the procedure performed on them.

A necessary procedure, on the other hand, is the opposite.  This is a surgery that is needed to help a person live a full and happy life.  In some cases, the surgery is needed for the person to continue to live at all.  While rhinoplasty will usually not be dealing with life or death situations, there are many cases where it is medically necessary.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic

There is also a bit of a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery is, of course, simply cosmetic.  It is a procedure meant to improve the way someone looks.  These can include things like a face lift or even the well-known “nose job”.  Once again, most cosmetic surgeries are elective and will probably not be covered by most medical insurance companies.

Plastic surgery, however, can sometimes be cosmetic but it is an important part of helping someone recover from a major trauma.  If someone was in a bad car accident, for example, they may have experienced quite a bit of damage to their face.  The nose is one of the easiest things to damage and so visiting a rhinoplasty surgeon might be one step in the process of recovering from their accident.

The Different Surgeons

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons will essentially perform the same procedures.  The difference is the reason for the surgery.  A surgeon that specializes in elective cosmetic surgeries will generally charge quite a bit more.  This is because their patients are typically wealthy and have little to no medical need for the surgery.  It is, in other words, a luxury.

Plastic surgeons that specialize in necessary and reconstructive surgeries, however, will work with all types of people.  They may work in a hospital or a specialist clinic and the work they do will often be covered by health insurance, although this is always dependent on the patient’s own insurance company.  Their prices tend to be more industry standard because they aren’t offering a premium service.

It’s important to remember that there is a real difference between rhinoplasty and a nose job.  In many cases, a rhinoplasty surgeon will be performing reconstructive surgery in order to fix damage.  In other cases, they will be attempting to correct a functional problem.  These procedures are not performed out of vanity but out of necessity and they can greatly improve a patient’s life.

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