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Hypertension and Social Economic Status

Social status, prestige, all these are connected with an individual. Sometimes it is acquired or sometimes it comes with the birth. Social status comes with family background, money, position and ethnic family.

To reach the social status as others, we earn, earn and earn, we don’t understand how to gain. Middle class people complete their education to get a secure job and to get handsome salary. In spite of trying hard to earn money there’s lot of burdens like family, taxes, bills and every penny that goes out.

In the field of education also there is competition. Hypertension is common in young generation due to exam pressure, pressure from peers to spend money etc. People with high social economic status take their hold everywhere providing good education to their children. People with low economic status cannot provide their children a high education and their mind remains underdeveloped. Such people are susceptible to hypertension because they can’t cope up with tension for money required for the education.

People compare themselves with others; they see that rich people have house, car and each and every amenity for life. But they don’t understand how to make huge money. All this is social burden. Thinking to reach the apogee, we stress our body, mind by working day and night with no breaks, no rest and so, body gets tired and respond in a different way. It releases stress hormone adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, all of which are vasoconstrictors leading to hypertension.

Both are at high risks, people with high social economic status and with low social economic status. Because of poverty people with lower status are not able to saturate the requirement of body. People with higher status are at greater risk of hypertension, because of their sedentary lifestyle, consumption of alcohol and improper food habits.

This is not only about poor or people coming under poverty line. It is also about people having high occupation like CEO’s, Director’s, Manager’s etc. They all have to cope up with social economic status. They have preset targets to increase the sales of the company, to improve the productivity compared to colleagues, to manage all the balance sheets and what not. Higher the responsibility higher the risk of hypertension.

Hypertension comes silently and leaves no body. In rural areas people strive for food. Poverty again leads to hypertension. They eat what ever they find in their vicinity. Eating means just not to fill the stomach; it should fulfill the requirement of the body. Essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals all are required for the proper functionality of organs. Deficiency of potassium seriously leads to hypertension. Imbalance of ions and minerals cause irregularity in the osmolarity.

Health education should be given to all. There is difference between tips given to poor and rich people.

Rich can afford all sort of medication instantly.

It is not that poor cannot avail the treatment. For them, it is important to make them understand, how to cope up with stress occurred due to social economic status.

Education about food habits and lifestyle is important for both people with high and low social economic status. Ultimately everyone’s body reacts to all unfavorable conditions in similar way irrespective of status.

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