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Roles to Die for: Johnny Depp’s Top 5 Performances Ever

The word ‘popular’ won’t lend a candle to Johnny Depp aura. This immensely talented actor has already achieved the status of legend, and as the time passes by, the legend of this legend keeps on getting bigger.

While the last few years of the actor haven’t been quite blazing from professional point of view, the pre-Sweeney Todd era has been most fulfilling for the legions of his fans spread worldwide.

Here are 5 of the best Johnny Depp Roles:

Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of the Fleet Street
A knockout for sure! Johnny Depp was freakingly awesome as the man consumed by revenge. The movie was directed by Tim Burton who has been behind the lens of the best roles of our superstar. Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman played the ideal foil to Depp. The movie also boasts of some wonderfully made sets that depicted the old world charm in its own dark, scary way.

Finding Neverland
This one is easily the most underrated performance of Depp’s career (and I say that knowing it was nominated for Oscars). In a career that is glorified by his Pirates of Caribbean roles, Finding Neverland shows a different side of Depp and puts him opposite another wonderful actress of the era, Kate Winslet. Together, they create magic on screen just like Peter Parker created magic in his stories.

Edward Scissorhands
Oh, wasn’t he a cute little thing in this tragedy. Another gem by Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands was Johnny Depp’s shot to fame and got the best in him out there on the celluloid. The movie was a massive hit among masses and still is seen as one of the finest works by Depp. The girls, particularly, swoon over this avatar of Depp with scissor hands.

Ed Wood
Are you surprised by the third Tim Burton directed addition to the list? I wager not. This legendary director is responsible for bringing the best out of Depp and Ed Wood was also such outing where both Depp and Burton created magic together. The movie was based on a man who is considered the worst film director of all times. It is full of weird characters who in their own way amuse and scare you.

Public Enemies
Public Enemies had all the big names behind it – Michael Mann, Christian Bale, and Johnny Depp – and the movie delivered, well, almost! It was a characteristic Mann movie based on one of the most famous and infamous gangster America has ever seen, John Dillinger. Depp was in a great form and so was Bale as they matched each other step to step.

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