Tips To Capture Best Selfies In 2015


Are you a selfie addict? Did you buy a new smartphone just for this purpose? Are you bored of the same old pose?  Want to learn a new way to click selfies?

In today’s world, selfies and groupies are the best option to click multiple pictures of yourself in multiple poses. Selfies have become such a big style statement that now people have started making selfies stations in parties. Not just this, this trend has led to the invention of a selfie stand. Wondering new ways to take selfies in this New Year? Here are some good techniques that may come in handy.

  1. Show off the best feature of your face by tilting your head in different directions.
  2. Make sure you are looking good
  3. Focus on just one part by highlighting it.
  4. Show off a decorated part of you
  5. Expression is very important. Play with your smiles.
  6. Drop the duck face. It is completely outdated now
  7. Click a picture of your shoes or just your hand
  8. Take a full length picture
  9. The natural look is in right now.
  10. Make sure you have good lighting.
  11. Try using the back camera (click with the help of a mirror)
  12. Avoid taking a picture of yourself in the mirror
  13. Consider the background
  14. Play with filters
  15. Crop of the unwanted parts
  16. Edit the pic. Use effects and add animations
  17. Groupies are definitely in
  18. But avoid photo-bombers
  19. Click the picture fast and at the right moment
  20. Look at the camera
  21. Pictures come better if taken from a distance
  22. Stay still and don’t move too much
  23. Be silly. Sometimes it helps
  24. Analyse your picture and take several selfies
  25. Rather than a central pic try a corner pic
  26. Pose in water
  27. 2 handed selfies are amazing
  28. Extend your neck forward
  29. Change your shoulder level
  30. Pushing the hip to one side makes you look thinner
  31. Flip your hairs before the picture

Liked it? Want to try it? So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it and upload some awesome selfies and get those 100-1000 likes that you deserve.

What if you wish to make a video with your selfies and then play it on your mobile? You can upload your selfies into your Mac device and then make a video with those. Now, when it comes to playing the video from your Mac to mobile, you would have to change the file format – and Movavi Video Converter for Mac would be great here. The Movavi mac movie maker is an internationally recognized name, followed by esteemed clients like Coca-Cola, Microsoft etc. It assures a simple user-friendly operation and faster conversion than competitors.

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The Make-Up Trend in 2015

youniquelooksHow do you determine your make-up style in 2014? Not many women are realizing that keeping the make-up to minimum is the key to have flawless make-up and definitely gives you the chance to alter the make-up within minutes for emergency situations. What emergency situations? One of the most common emergency situations is you never know when your Boss is going to ask you to attend office meeting and you know that after lunch, you need to retouch your make-up. Another example of emergency situation is when the office hour is over and your friends drag you to have couple of drinks and you would not tag along without correcting your make-up, right?

This is why keeping the make-up simple and as minimum as possible is important because what you need to do is highlighting the strong feature on your face and make everything else minimum because putting on make-up means balancing the feature on your face. For example, if you have strong eye lashes, it would be perfect for you to use the 3D mascara from Younique Makeup because this type of mascara is one of the number one cosmetic items sold in 2014 and will still be the hottest trend in 2015.

Do not take the mascara for granted because mascara has been saving so many women’s lives from their emergency situations. It is almost impossible to carry the complete make-up items on your bags no matter how big your bag is and that is why you only pack the essential items only. Some of the essential or important make-up or cosmetic items beside mascara are compact powder, blush on, lipstick, eye brow pencil, eye liner, and lip liner. You have to pack those items on your small cosmetic pouch because you never know what kind of emergency situations that you are getting into after finishing the working hour.

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Affordable Branded Women Handbags

For women, physical appearance is everything especially when they completely rely on their physical appearance to support their everyday work or job. If you notice, women who are having career as PR public relation officers, customer services, or even head of marketing services are always looking fabulous, glamorous, and even fashionable. In order to have fashionable look, you know that you have to have tas branded to help you be part of certain social circle. Yes, it is hard to believe but quality of the handbag that a woman is carrying could really determine her social group of social circle as well as circle of friends that she is having.

Now, where can you get affordable branded women handbags? Well, if you happen to have a bit of limited financial budget to quench your thirst for branded handbags, you do not have to look further because all your favorite handbag brands are just a click away. There is an online handbag store which offers the best branded women handbags that you have been dreaming about like AIgner, Dior, Michael Kors, Verasce, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Hermes, and many others. What makes this online handbag store different from other online stores?

This store is offering quality, excellent online shopping service and experience, as well as affordable price. For example, you can carry Louis Vuitton handbag which better known as LV bags for just IDR.206,250 where the original price will be more than IDR.300,000. What about the quality of the tas branded murah? The quality of the handbags determined the price of the handbag that you have to pay and you can choose from quality one, semi-super, and even super original. Of course if you want the authentic handbags, you can buy them from the authentic boutique or stores where you can get certification of authentic for the handbags.

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Breakfast in New York

When you are visiting New York, you know that you can have everything you want: from daily fashion show at the streets of New York, colorful people with colorful personalities, backgrounds, and even cultures, but the most important thing is the diversity of culinary experiences that you must try in New York. Can mention one of the most popular breakfast menus in New York? Yes, you are right, you know you are in New York when you stroll the morning streets of New York and the smell of fresh baked bagels are tickling your tummy and eventually, make you want to have a bit of warm and brown bagel.

Unfortunately, not all bagels in New York are referred as original because there are only few places in NY which sold the original bagels. If you crave for warm, brown, and fresh baked bagels, there is only one place for you and that is the ny bagel cafe and deli because this place is one of the most recommended places for you to have unforgettable New York-style breakfast. The reason why you have to have breakfast here is because not only the fresh baked bagels – the New York bagels, freshly made flavored cream cheese, hot green mountain coffee, Boar’s head deli meats and cheeses, and the most important of all, all breads are gluten free.

If you want to be part of the aforementioned bagel and deli joint, the café is currently opening franchise opportunity for you because they are always looking forward to spread the happiness in eating bagel around New York. You can contact the NY Bagel café franchise to get the details about how to have NY bagel franchise where you can help to preserve the originality of NY bagels and deli. So, are you ready to taste the New York-style breakfast and sink your teeth into one of the most original bagels in New York?

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Construction Supervisor

The title of this article might confuse you a little bit because you might think that building or renovating your property is your right and you might be right although there are some rules which stated that you can conduct renovation, build, or even remodel as long as the project does not harm the surrounded environment. This is where the construction supervisor’s job is needed and not just the ordinary supervisor, but it is preferable if you hire the construction supervisor who have years of combined experience in variety construction. How can you spot the reliable construction supervisor?

Well, you do not have to be confused because there is an online construction supervisor which not only has years of experiences in supervising various construction projects, but also provides constant attention to every possible detail to deliver superior results. The worth construction is one of the most reliable construction supervisor that you can rely on because the professional team of supervisors know that no amount of paperwork or systems which able to substitute the experienced professionals effectively, especially in controlling the numbers of activities in various building management projects. Sometimes, different states are applying different rules in construction and you can consult with the construction supervisor to avoid breaking those rules.

If you do not consult with the aforementioned construction supervisor about your property projects like building, renovating, and remodeling, you could be fined due to violating the property rules. As for the construction supervisors, they recently use software-defined WAN to control routers. The aforementioned construction supervisor is currently managing hundreds of Cisco System routers because it has around 160 branch offices around the world. According to the latest news, the company is making a transition from an MPLS network to a broadband network where it can provision the remote work sites, connection the regional hubs in Australia, India, UK, and even US.

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Software for Internet Marketing

It is no longer a secret that the online business can provide very huge amount of profit for the owners and also for the online customers. But for most online business owners, it is a bit difficult to compete with so many online businesses which might offer the same service or product or even offer completely different service or product. If you are one of the online business owners and want to be one step ahead from other online business owners, what you need is software for full-proof internet marketing because it is impossible to win over the online market segments without applying internet marketing strategies.

What does the software for internet marketing have to offer you? There are so many benefits that you can get if you decide to buy the software and install the internet marketing because some of the benefits are offering hybrid open source marketing framework, getting higher ROI with affordable internet marketing strategy pricing, and many others. Internet marketing software is having various lists of clients who are relying on the software for internet marketing like web agencies, online retailers, franchise owners, enterprise builders, and many more. In short, the software for internet marketing is going to build, manage, and optimize the websites to get the top search engine performance.

Now, this particular software for internet marketing is not only offering software to help you build your internet marketing strategies, but also offering other services like managing and automation of SEO, SeoToaster, web hosting, migration, website build, and other internet-based services. The competition between online businesses is going to be tighter in the future and the only possible way to stand out from other online businesses is to make sure that you have flexible internet marketing strategies which can be applied in new online market segment because new online market segments mean potential clients and customers as well as chance to expand your online business.

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Web Marketing in UK

The art of web marketing is actually simpler than you think although you might unable to determine where the simplicity is. Lucky for you, you do not have to drown yourself and learn the complicated subjects and terminologies about web marketing because you can leave all the hard works and complicated works to the web marketing service where they know the details about winning over the internet market segment. Unfortunately, the web marketing service is only available for clients in UK although you might able to use their service and communicate by using emails and chatting.

What the web marketing service in UK has to offer is simple implementation and central control over a Franchisor marketing platform. This platform has been designed to consistently maximize the local organic search engine rankings (in Google) and expected to bring a regular number of highly targeted goals. The UK Web Marketing is also streamline the implementation of state of the art and centralized best practices of SEO structures across your Franchisee’s Websites from a central point. In short, the web marketing service is giving you the main control over the franchise website to make sure that the website is managed and operated based on your standards and rules.

Besides giving you the total control for your franchise’s websites, other services that the aforementioned web marketing service in UK has to offer are including the web design, SEO service, and web marketing. The web design is offering franchisor web platforms, content management system, SEO, and fully customizable packages. For clients who want to get the web marketing, the services are including social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, and PPC marketing. As for the SEO service, the services are covering the opportunities to get more business offering, franchisee localized SEO, get the rank for more keywords, and the entice to attract more customers.

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Caterer and Event Planning

Is it possible to get catering service and event planning service at the same time? You probably never thought about it because once you contact an event organizer, you get the complete package of event planning and catering service although some event organizers are offering catering service which not as tasteful as the clients are expected. In San Francisco, there is a caterer service which also offers outstanding event planning. It is without any reason why the catering service is also offering the event planning because this is more affordable than have to leave all the hard works to the event organizers which usually going to charge you more.

What makes this catering service is different from other similar services? There are so many factors that the aforementioned catering service in San Francisco is having more recommendations than any other caterers and it is about taste, presentations, and service. This Bay Area Caterer is offering two types of catering services and they are the corporate and private catering and the wedding catering. No matter what gathering or occasions that you are having, this catering service can bring you the foods, snacks, and drinks which are not only going to make your guests enjoy the party, but also impressed by the way you choose the catering service.

Another thing that makes this catering service an event planning different is the fact that they always conduct taste testing with their clients before the selected menus are served. You might think that all the catering services are done the same but for this caterer, it is important to listen what the clients’ have to say about the taste of their foods, snacks, and drinks because the clients might have slightly different testing pallets than others. Different clients require different catering service and since US are country with diverse cultures and races; there are so many different pallets to satisfy.

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Customized T-Shirt Printing in UK

Some people are sick to be referred as too mainstream especially when they are wearing t-shirts which have the common printing. Well, if you part of those sick people, it is time to set up your very own style by printing your very own choice of graphic on your shirt. Where can you print your own shirt with cool and unique graphics? In UK, there are so many choices for this custom t-shirt printing, but there is only one which able to deliver the fast printing t-shirt service with the best quality printing and t-shirt materials.

T-Shirt Box is the number one supplier for fast online t-shirt printing service throughout UK and what makes they the best and number one choice is because they do not apply the minimum order and they offer free deliver service for t-shirt printing order over £50 (before VAT). The UK Printing of T-Shirts has been around in the fashion printing business for more than a decade and they always update their printing equipments and tools to make sure that their clients are always satisfied with the printing result. The client list for the aforementioned t-shirt printing service in UK are various from companies or manufacturers, bands, and eve non-profit organizations/foundations.

In term of printing service, the number one t-shirt printing supplier is offering more than just printing graphic image and word into your shirt as they also offer screen printing, direct to garment printing, embroidery, vinyl and transfer print. No matter which printing process that you choose, the custom shirt printing in UK is guaranteed that the printing result matches with your timescale, artwork, and quantity. If you have limited financial budget, you can use the online quick quote form to get full quote immediately and you can choose the garments or materials for your t-shirt printing project like t-shirts, hoodie, Polo shirts, sweatshirts, and others.

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High Quality Mexican Restaurant

Who does not like Mexican food? Just like Japanese food and Korean food, there is something about Mexican foods that make us fall in love so badly. Unfortunately, finding high quality and even the most authentic Mexican restaurant is not easy especially when the Mexican food has been transformed into fast food chain restaurants. Well, there are so some tips and tricks for you so you distinguish and differentiate the authentic Mexican restaurants from the fast food Mexican food chain. Now, in order to be able to understand authentic Mexican cuisine, cooking, and culinary, you have to understand a little bit of Mexican language.

The reason why you should know a little about Mexican language is to spot the authentic that the Mexican restaurant has to offer. An authentic Mexican restaurant is written all the menus in Mexican language and that is why you should understand Mexican language so you know what you are ordering. The restaurantes en leon gto is one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants that you should try because they are preserving the traditional Mexican recipes and making sure that your pallet is dancing with joy as you get your first bite of the Mexican foods.

If this is your very first time visiting Mexican restaurants, you have to know that you can ask the waiter to keep the spiciness on the light or medium level because Mexican foods are similar to Indian foods where they like their foods fresh, crunchy, tangy, and spicy. It is normal to associate Mexican food with tequila, but there are so much more than tequila that Mexican foods are having and the aforementioned restaurant can be the place where you can learn the history about Mexico through their traditional culinary and cuisines. You might want to reserve a place because this restaurant is always packed with food enthusiasts who always hungry for authentic Mexican cuisine.

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