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What Seniors and Their Families Want

Getting older can be difficult.  Things that once were easy can become surprisingly difficult.  Even the simplest of everyday tasks can represent major problems for someone of a certain age.  While it can be difficult for older people, aging can be equally as troubling for their families.  The bottom line is that we all want what’s best for our family members but getting that can often be harder than you’d think.

Independent Living

Independence is one thing which we all value.  The ability to live on your own and make your own decisions is a major part of what it means to be an adult.  Unfortunately, age comes with a variety of concessions that have to be made.  More often than not, these concessions mean becoming dependent on someone else.

This can be a vexing problem for seniors but can also be burdensome for their families.  We want to let our parents live on their own but there’s no way to stop worrying about them.  Having them come live with you is always one option but that creates a great amount of strain on you and your relationships.

Sheltered Care

Many senior citizens also begin to face the need for sheltered care.  Problems such as Alzheimer’s, increasing frailty, and physical disabilities can all point to the need for closely attentive care.  This is often one of the hardest problems to tackle.  A live-in nurse is one solution but this can be exceedingly expensive, particularly in the long term.

Possibly the least popular option is a nursing home.  While it might be true that our loved ones will receive the close monitoring and constant care they need, nursing homes carry a strong negative connotation and don’t allow for much independence.

Senior Communities as an Answer

We don’t only want our aging parents to be cared for properly, we also want them to be happy and able to continue enjoying their lives.  Senior living communities offer a great compromise between the need to accept the problems of age and the desire to continue living independently.

One of the best aspects of this option is the skilled nursing community that is present in these locations.  They will often employ a whole staff of highly trained and compassionate nurses.  This helps a resident’s family avoid the costs of a live in nurse while still ensuring loved ones get the care they so desperately need.

In addition to this, independent living is actually a viable option at these communities.  Residents will own their home and be able to continue to use it as an investment.  They can do what they want, when they want, all with the help and assistance of the community staff.  This often includes transportation, socialization, and even vacationing.

The truth is that seniors simply want the same things we want for them.  They want to be independent, to feel like a full human, and continue enjoying life for many years to come.  This is why senior retirement communities are such an effective and popular option, even among seniors themselves.


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