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Very Funny Facebook Statuses to Make You Laugh

Very funny Facebook statuses make people laugh. They make people want to visit your Facebook page because they look forward to what you are going to say next. Let’s face it- Facebook is huge. It is growing to be an everyday hobby of millions of people’s lives. The Facebook phenomenon is growing each day.

What is Facebook? Facebook is a social networking site that has given so many people the opportunity to reconnect with former friends and family that they have lost contact with throughout the years. Without Facebook and other social networking sites, they probably would never have reconnected with those people. What does that mean to me?? It’s priceless. I use Facebook for so much. I update my pictures so my friends and family can see how my family is growing, I chat with people, I stay updated on others lives, I play games and basically just look forward to getting on Facebook a lot.

I don’t know about you but I work in an environment with several negative people. That is an emotional downer for me. Who really likes to be around someone that does nothing but consistently complain? It is mentally and physically draining. This is why I look forward to posting funny Facebook statuses all the time and inspirational quotes. People like to be around people who make them laugh and make them feel good. I like my Facebook to be like an online amusement park. I just really enjoy posting funny Facebook statuses. I get so many likes and comments and people just really enjoy talking to me on Facebook. That makes me feel good. People like to laugh and laughter is really the best medicine.

Don’t get me wrong. I also chat, debate and vent on Facebook as well. That is what it was made for. It’s a social networking site – LOL. It was made to be social. I am admitting that I am a total Facebook addict. This is really the only social networking site that I belong too. I also wont lie- I use it as a tool to spy on my teenage daughter as well. I stalk her page consistently. It’s funny though because her teenage friends love to be my Facebook friends. A few of them that I have known for years had sent me friend requests and I accepted them. Needless to say, word got around about how goofy my Facebook was and a bunch of them started sending me friend requests too. I didn’t mind. It was a way for me to watch out for them also (to make sure they were practicing safe internet practices too)- as being my Facebook friends allows me to also see what they write on their Facebook pages. Posting funny Facebook statuses not only allows me the opportunity to make others laugh, it helps me to keep an eye on my own daughter’s Facebook page. I consider it the best form of parental control.

I also noticed that once I started posting funny Facebook statuses and inspirational quotes, more and more of my own Facebook friends (I have about 550 of them) started doing that as well. It’s great. I look forward to helping others towards positive thinking and laughter. I have spent a lot of time and energy over the years reading self help and self improvement books. We all have complaints and stresses but nobody wants to hear negativity all the time. It is stressful and that’s a fact.

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